JB’s Frozen Gold Ice Cream

Jim Barker at JB's Frozen Gold Ice Cream WaxhawJim Barker has been cooking and catering for many years. From neighborhood cook-outs to catering weddings and street parties, he’s been creating with a passion.

In June of 2014, Jim started to build-out a small space in downtown Waxhaw, North Carolina.  Not content with just BBQ, Jim also decided he wanted to add variety to his selection. His hunt for that something special led him to freshly made ice cream created using a process of flash freezing Sweet Cream with Liquid Nitrogen.  The results are simply astoundin,g producing the most satisfying ice creamhe’d ever tasted.

JB's Lazy Pig Banner MixerAfter a lot of research and taste testing,  Jim selected a variety of different ingredients and flavors and started to mix and match to come up with the perfect mixtures for his new Ice Cream.  JB’s Frozen Gold Ice Cream was born, and with his ingredients at the ready, Jim opened JB’s Frozen Gold Ice Cream.  The Ice Cream was open prior to the BBQ and while build-out continued for the JB’s Lazy Pig BBQ, JB’s Frozen Gold Ice Cream took Waxhaw by storm.

Choose your flavors, your ingredients and JB’s will whip them together to create Ice Cream like you’ve never experienced. Every step of the process done by hand.  Add in the Sweet Cream and a few selected ingredients, blast with liquid Nitrogen and your off.  The -321 degree Liquid Nitrogen flash freezes the ingredients while the mixture is stirred to perfection.

The process brings out a texture different from regular Ice Cream.  Its so incredibly smooth and creamy that the flavors just poor out and ignite your taste buds. It’s an experience to behold and never forgotten.

It’s kid friendly and mom approved” says Jim Barker, JB’s Frozen Gold creator and owner.