Are Your Taste Buds Ready

When you were a kid, didn’t you love science projects, especially the ones that impressed all your friends. One of coolest reactions I’d ever seen when I was a kids was fog generation.  You know that creepy kind of fog that slides along the floor.

Take your child hood science experiment, throw in some Sweet Cream, add in a few Fruits, flavors and toppings of your choice and then blast it with liquid nitrogen. Sounds pretty cool huh?  It is!

Watch the liquid notrogen flash freeze your Ice Cream like an old school science project down at JB’s Lazy Pig BBQ and Frozen Gold Ice Cream.  We’ve perfected the process to a fine art and in under a minute, you have fresh, creamy ice cream like you’ve never tasted.

It’s a completely new experience. The Ice Cream and ingredients flavors are so enhanced you’ll fell like you never had Ice Cream before.